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Advance Your future with SWIG

ATTENTION: An important note in your diary.
The SWIG conference takes place in Dublin, Wynn’s hotel on Saturday the 13th of April.
Speakers are Anete Martisone, Armand Murnieks and a special guest (surprise).
Admission fee is €10

SWIG welcomes you to the World of Financial Literacy.

You’re invited to come along and learn more about SWIG, CRU and the SkyWay Project, a new innovative eco-friendly transport system set to take the WORLD by storm.

Let us show you how to become a shareholder of this new technology!

The SkyWay Project is already at stage 13 of 15. Come and learn more so you can be a part of this if you choose!
And Let us know what is CRU – Creation of the CryptoUnitwill help realized the NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World) which is designed to help people of the Earth become co-owners, stakeholders and shareholders of the most profitable enterprises on the planet.

For rate card and enquirers call 0851602896 or sales@lietuvis.ie

NOW is the time to jump on board!

We can also show you how to build a business from this unique opportunity. Replace your current income, travel, become financially successful, impact others, and leave a legacy. Partner with a company that offers extraordinary products, tools for you to succeed in the real world, and an opportunity to build a diverse portfolio.

If this resonates with you, and you are ready to take the first step to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Learn more about the Wealth Creation Education and Financial Literacy now available to you to Create Multiple Streams of Income.

If you’re in another state and have potential guests in the area let us know and we will look after them for you. Your guests will then contact you to follow up and for registration.

LIMITED SEATING… Please register for your FREE Ticket.

SkyWay Invest Group is an educational platform that provides highly skilled and targeted training on a variety of areas, including personal finance, investment segments, money management e.g. capital and investment portfolio enlargement, online business and personal development.

While building the SkyWay Invest Group brand, we aim to create a unique combination of two groundbreaking projects to allow every person to learn how to invest, how to improve one’s level of income while at the same time using a high-speed, safe and ecologically friendly transport. We do this by combining the Academy of Private Investors with the SkyWay elevated string technology.