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How to Act in your Best Interest after an Accident at Work


Accidents in the work place are a common cause of personal injury * here in Ireland. Personal injury * relating to workplace accidents * can take many different forms and are a direct result of negligence at the hands of a third party (such as an employer or fellow work colleague).

The events of these accidents in question leave the employee in feeling that they were not at fault for what has happened to them. Individuals can bring a claim forward when they are able to prove that the accident* in question was a direct result of negligence at the hands of their employers.

Here is some advice to take in order to act in your best interest after an accident at work *:

Know that Your Job is Safe

One must understand that, if you are to bring a claim forward against your work place you are not to worry about your position of employment. You will not lose your job as a result of taking legal action against your place of work. Employees are protected by the job security legislation against any unfair dismissals being made as a direct result of making a claim * against their employer.

If you are worried that it may affect your relationship with your place of work please note that well advised employers will already have steady insurance plans in place to take over should an employee sustain injury at work as a result of an accident*. This is beneficial as it aids legal proceedings and takes away any personal elements that may evoke when making a claim* against your work place.

Look After Yourself

After being involved in a work place accident * seek medical attention right away! Making sure that you are aware of your injuries no matter how major or minor you may deem them to be. Your road to recovery should always be made a priority.

Being made aware of your injuries will also aid you throughout the legal process. Having your injuries assessed and clear medical records are important in assisting you through your legal case.

Communication is Key

When a work place accident * takes place notify any superiors on site right away, whether it be a manager or a supervisor. Inform them of any injuries that you have sustained and the different events and circumstances that you believe may have caused the accident * in question. It is important that details have been stated clearly and correctly. So stay calm, cool and collected when discussing the events surrounding what happened.

Put Pen to Paper

I tend to advise people that if they ever were to be involved in an accident *, write down on paper key points and details with regards to what exactly happened. This can aid communication with any relevant bodies when reporting the accident * in question.

I also deem it advisable to get a written statement of confirmation from a superior in the workplace that an accident took place, and that it has been reported.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Most importantly! Remain honest with your employer at all times. Make sure that you and your employer have an honest discussion about what exactly happened. This ensures that there are no grey areas surrounding your case if legal proceedings were to be issued. Remember that accidents do happen and being honest can help solve issues effectively in order to prevent them from happening again.

Check your Pay Entitlements

If an accident takes place that leaves you out of work, you should check to see if you have any entitlement to sick pay. This is normally included in the terms and conditions of your contract. In general, employees do not have any entitlement to sick pay under Irish employment law, however, some employers will allow a certain amount of paid sick leave and this will be listed in your contract.

Contact a Solicitor

When acting in your best interest after an accident at work * contact a solicitor. A good solicitor will take your best interests at heart and do all they can to assist you.

Personally I take complete legal care for my clients as they try to focus on recovery after an accident at work *. A solicitor can notify employers that legal proceedings are being issued against them in order to remove any personal variables that may surround the case.

I always work with my clients to their best interests and guide them along every step of the way through legal proceedings.

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*In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.