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Newspaper „Lietuvis“

Since 2004 in Lithuanian language newspaper „Lietuvis“ comes out monthly in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. According to estimates is about 60,000-100,000 Lithuanians now live in Ireland and Northern Ireland, but the newspaper is read by not only Lithuanians emigrating from Lithuania but also Lithuanians living in Lithuania because most of them have children, relatives, friends or acquaintances who have emigrated to Ireland and Northern Ireland and they are interested in what is happening in the countries where their relatives live.

There are also many elderly pensioners living in Ireland who did not officially declare their departure from Lithuania, but who came here to help their children grow their children, help them manage their family life. Most of these people do not speak English, others do not know how to use the Internet, they lack communication, information about what’s happening in Ireland and the newspaper „Lietuvis“ is trying to fill this gap, based on the Irish experience of providing information to the elderly people in the country.

The newspaper „Lietuvis“ format is Tabloid, containing 16 color pages. Distributed through Eastern European food stores located in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and through Irish retail stores. The newspaper price is €1.

The newspaper is printed in 1500 copies. Readers audience is about 10,000 people.

„Lietuvis“ try to develop three main functions. First of all, the newspaper aims to provide as soon as possible information about events taking place in Ireland, also to inform about new legislations adopted in the country and present cultural events. One of the most popular newspaper headlines is „Consultation“ where the editorial staff, with the assistance of lawyers and other experts, answers readers questions about national laws, business creation opportunities, social issues, and Irish citizens rights and obligations.

Secondly, „Lietuvis“ is the only Lithuanian-language newspaper in Ireland. The newspaper informs readers about the activities of Lithuanian communities, Lithuanian schools and sports clubs in Ireland every two weeks. The editorial office welcomes Lithuanian activities and achievements in Ireland, which is reported in the newspaper headline „Portraits“. This allows Lithuanians living in Ireland to better know each other and contribute to the activities of Lithuanian communities, to promote the native language and the fostering of Lithuanian traditions. The newspaper headline „My Ireland“ tells about the history of Ireland, the famous Irish people, describes the beautiful sights and popular tourist destinations of the country, promoting a more rapid integration of Lithuanians into Irish culture and a better and deeper knowledge of the country.

„Lietuvis“ actively cooperates with the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ireland and informs readers about Lithuanian-Irish cooperation in various fields, about events, meetings with Lithuanian politicians and public figures in Ireland, about concerts and other events organized by the embassy’s initiative. The newspaper also maintains relations with other organizations located in Lithuania, organizing cultural events and conferences in Ireland.

Thirdly, the newspaper „Lietuvis“ tries to support Lithuanians in Ireland by placing them free of charge on advertisements and announcements about various events, concerts and meetings organized by the large Lithuanian community in Ireland. The newspaper tries to support its readers if their families experience a disaster, informing the wider audience, as well as those who need support and who do not know where and to whom to contact them, for example, on social benefits, when they lose job or illegal dismissal, opportunities and conditions for the purchase of real estate in the country.

„Lietuvis“ also, according to its capabilities, is trying to find out and inform its readers about the occurrence of fraud cases in which unscrupulous people try to profit from Lithuanian emigrants.

Web: www.lietuvis.ie  monthly users – 10.000, page views more than 30.000.

Audience data

  • Age: 35-44 – 34%, 45-54 – 23%, 25-34 – 16%, 56-64 – 14%, other 13%.
  • Gender: Female – 60% Male – 40%.
  • Geo: Ireland — 46%, Dublin — 64%, Cork — 4%, Drogheda — 3%, Navan — 1,6%, Dundalk — 1.4%, Lithuania — 24%, USA — 9%, UK — 5%.

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