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We attach real life case studies with real life stories of people involved in accidents, the claims they made and the results of those claims.

Lithuanian Client Settles His Work Accident Claim for €50,000

The client, a male Lithuanian national aged 35, was employed in a warehouse to load goods. He had worked in the loading area since 2007. On Friday the 14th of March 2014 he was working on his own moving goods when he hurt his back. He continued working and went on holidays to Lithuania on the 15th of March 2014. His back pain got worse on the plane and he went to the doctor whilst on holidays. He officially reported the accident when he came back to Ireland a week later. It turned out that the client had not received proper training in manual handling. The lifting equipment which the employer had to move goods was permanently broken.

The employers denied responsibility. They attempted to say that his back had been bad before the accident. The case settled two weeks before the court date. The client had by this stage returned to and was living in Lithuania. The client gave instructions by telephone to settle the case for €50,000. He was extremely happy with the settlement.

Lithuanian Parents Settle Their Children’s Case For €10,000 Each

The client, a Lithuanian national was stopped at traffic lights in Lucan in April 2016 when his car was rear ended. His son, aged 8, and his daughter, aged 6, were in the car with him. He came in to me with back and neck pain and I made a claim through the Injuries Board.

He told me that his children were not physically injured. About three months later I asked the client about his son and daughter. He told me that neither of them would get into the car with him. They were having nightmares and his daughter was bed wetting. The client brought his children back to the doctor and subsequently to a consultant psychiatrist where they were diagnosed with acute stress state following a traumatic event. The insurance company made an offer of €10,000 for the daughter and €10,000 for the son. The offer was accepted by their father.

Both matters were ruled and approved by the Circuit Court. The money is now invested until they are 18 years of age. The parents were very happy with the settlements.

Lithuanian Client Receives €22,000 for a Road Traffic Accident

The client, a female Lithuanian citizen, was involved in a road traffic accident when a car turned across her and she went over the bonnet of the car. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The client sustained a fracture to a bone at the base of her spine.

The matter was assessed by the Injuries Board and she was awarded €22,000. This was rejected. It was felt that her injuries were worth more.

Court proceedings were started. The defendant’s solicitors contacted this office and pointed to the fact that on her Facebook page the client had a picture of herself on a bicycle with a medal around her neck having taken part in the Great Dublin Cycle. The insurance company then reduced its offer to €15,000. After negotiation the matter was settled for €22,000. The client was happy in the circumstances to take the offer but was aware that the Facebook photo did not help her claim.

Lithuanian Client Receives €35,000 for a Cycling Accident

The client, a female Lithuanian citizen, was cycling home in the dark on a cold, wet, February evening in 2016 when a silver car turned left in front of her. The car did not stop. The Gardai were called, the client was taken by ambulance to the Mater Hospital where she was diagnosed with a fracture to her coccyx.

The driver was never traced. Application was made to the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) as a motor claim against an uninsured or stolen vehicle or unidentified driver. The client was interviewed by accident investigators on behalf of the MIBI and her account of the accident was accepted.

The matter was assessed by the Injuries Board and the client was awarded €35,000. The client made a good recovery and accepted the assessment from the Injurious Board. The client was very happy with the outcome.

Lithuanian Client Settles Her Neck & Back Claim for €55,000

The client, a Lithuanian female citizen, was a passenger in her brother’s car in Lucan when the car was rear ended in spring 2015.

The client went to her GP and was referred to a consultant orthopedic surgeon. The client had extensive injuries to her neck and back. The client also underwent very useful intensive medical treatment in Lithuania.

The matter was assessed by the injuries board at €22,000. This offer was rejected and court proceedings were issued. The case was settled two weeks prior to court hearing for €55,000. The plaintiff was very happy with the settlement.

Her brother and her friend were also in the car. The brother recovered from his neck injuries within a couple of months and accepted €15,000. The friend recovered from his injuries within eight weeks and obtained €7,500.

Lithuanian Client Receives €25,000 for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Client, a Lithuanian national, worked for a large multinational convenience store. One Saturday morning he was at work counting money at the cash office in the store when robbers gained access to the cash office and put a knife to the client’s throat. He was then tied up with a telephone cable until the robbers obtained money.

The client suffered anxiety and insecurity following the incident. He was unable to sleep and suffered nightmares. He required time off from work. The Gardai investigation made him feel more anxious.

The client went to his doctor who referred him to a consultant psychologist who diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder. The defendants initially offered €13,000. This was rejected. The defendants then offered €15,000 and €20,000. All these offers were rejected. Outside the door of the court the client was very happy to accept the offer of €25,000.

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