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Cavan’s Lithuanistic school „Gintarėlis“ (“Amber”) turns 10!

Our school has turned 10 years old! Just… 10 years old? We asked that ourselves and our friends from various Irish cities who came to congratulate the school and celebrate our anniversary on the 27th of May. Is our school, which just turned 10, big or still very small? We

July 6th Lithuanians all over the world celebrated the State (King of Lithuania Mindaugas Coronation) day

July 6th Lithuanians all over the world celebrated the State (King of Lithuania Mindaugas Coronation) day. At one time, Lithuanians, no matter where they were or lived, sang the anthem of the Republic of Lithuania. Lithuanians have also joined this beautiful tradition in Ireland.The Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuanian language short course in Irish schools will be piloted in September 2018

Post-Primary Language Initiative is planning to start short course in Lithuanian language at some Irish schools. Lithuanian newspaper “Lietuvis” (Lithuanian) is talking about this project with Ms. Karen Ruddock, Post-Primary Language Initiative National Coordinator. Dear Ms. Karen Ruddock, would You Please briefly introduce the Post-Primary Language Initiative organization? Post-Primary Languages

July 6th Lithuanian Ambassador in Ireland Egidijus Meilūnas invites to sing the Lithuanian „National Song” and the Irish Anthem!

2018 for all Lithuanians is a special year. We celebrate the centenary of the restoration of Lithuania’s state, and the Irish still continues its century of Irish statehood, which began in 1916 uprising commemoration. We invite all Lithuanians living in Ireland to sing not only Lithuanian but also the Irish

Griffin Solicitors: Real Life Case Studies and Real Life Stories

We attach real life case studies with real life stories of people involved in accidents, the claims they made and the results of those claims. Lithuanian Client Settles His Work Accident Claim for €50,000 The client, a male Lithuanian national aged 35, was employed in a warehouse to load goods.

Ireland 4th Safest EU Country for Road Deaths in 2017

·         European road safety report shows Ireland was the 4th safest EU country for road deaths in 2017 ·         Road Safety Authority CEO welcomes improvement in Irish ranking while highlighting current serious situation on Irish roads ·         News comes amidst high number of road deaths to date in June June

National Library launches policy on diversity and inclusion, and special pilot project in partnership with the Creative Ireland Programme

The National Library of Ireland (NLI) is developing a suite of actions to create a more diverse and inclusive story of Ireland, so that new voices are collected and shared with the world, and so that everyone will feel welcome in the NLI. The National Library, in partnership with the

Incredible Things to do in Vilnius, Lithuania

CHRISTINA GUNMAY THERE ARE SO MANY INCREDIBLE THINGS TO DO IN VILNIUS, LITHUANIA. IN THIS POST, I WALK YOU THROUGH MY FAVOURITES. I’ve made it absolutely no secret that I fell hard for Vilnius during my short visit in April with the folks at Travel Addicts Club. Like, a borderline restraining order kind of